Min’na ni kon’nichiwa

Ryoko-sha is a Japenese word that means traveller. Going to places and treasuring its God-given beauty. Making distance from people or things that affect your being. Experiencing the solemness and intimate joy with nature.

“Watashi wa ryokō-shadesu.” -I am a traveller.

Senshi is a Japanese word for warrior. A big JEEZ for this big word. It fits on each of us. We are deserving to be called a Senshi.

“Jinsei no tatakai no tame no watashitachi jishin no tatakai no senshi.” -A warrior of our own battle towards life’s struggles.

Seizon-sha is a Japanese word for a survivor. Just like my previous quote of being a warrior, we have our own battles but this time I claimed the throne of being the survivor. It is just very motivating that if I can run through the storm I survived and I gain perseverance to face another one.

Seizon-sha wa watashi ga sore o tsukuru koto ga dekiru to sengen suru kyōryokuna kotobadesu! A survivor is a powerful word that declares I can make it!

Hi! Everyone for once again.
Watashi wa ēsudesu
I am Ace.


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