Nowadays, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the key techniques to use on a win-win article. It is essential and very marketable if you decide to walk through the career of writing online. Yes, it works only over the internet and not really that much on hardbound publishing.

So, if you really want to get read by search engines better to read this article.

It is in demand since we are living on social media liberation. As far as I remembered, it has been a year since the last time I wrote SEO article; it overwhelms me that it actually works.

Let us move on to the tips I am going to share you. These are basics. Do not get upset. Majoring basics will make you capable of understanding complexity.

“Write like a pro and play like conio.”

The top of the tips is your keyword prominence.

Yes, definitely your choice of word as a key is the most important. Do you have any idea how good are your choice of word skills? Well, it is really hard to know unless you want to use some engines that are essential to your SEO or Search Engine Optimization article.
It is very important that you must be very careful or cautious about your keyword. It actually works like a recommendation.

For example:


Let us say that you are a fresh graduate and no experience of any job at all. Well, you need to be recommended to give impact about your skills or to clarify that you have an impact to be higher than others with experience.

Keyword prominence is your recommendation to search engines. If your keyword prominence hits a high pitch over the other searched keywords, then your SEO or Search Engine Optimization article will definitely receive its recommendation from search engines.

The middle part is the timing. It is very important that once you have the keyword you know when to pull the trigger. It is simple as know when to put your word on every paragraph. Other people might think that it is not possible, but as a writer nothing is impossible. It might be hard but still possible. The longer the article and the correctness of your timing will be definitely making your recommendation possible.

Though you hit the right keyword, it is still possible to SEO or Search Engine Optimization Article get in vain once your keyword is used in a wrong timing.

The third is hitting the publish button. Well, you will never know unless you give it a try. Once you posted your article, you can test if you really can write like a pro.

Unleashing your capacity will make you see your flaws and things you need to improve.
Don’t be afraid if you will not hit what you expected. Always remember that best things in life are those beyond expectations.

Let us now have a recap.
The simple 1, 2, 3 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is as simple as keyword prominence, timing and publish.

Having a keyword prominence, doing right timing and publishing.

These are the basics you must not forget but you have to put more effort by putting a topic that attracts.

There are unlocked doors that only you can open. It is not a spoon feeding article but as young as a child mind to know the right from wrong, you can basically write like a pro. Just write not just by mind but as well as with your heart.


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